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HP 2133 Ultra Portable Mobility


Interesting conversation over at Techmeme about the Engaget coverage of the upcoming HP 2133 ultra portable laptop looking to take on the popular Asus Eee. Asus has definitely done for UMPC with Linux what Microsoft, Samsung, Ogo and others combined … Continue reading

Research in Freeze

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Blackberry global network takes a monumental dump again, leaving millions of heroin addicts blackberry users without their email for several hours. But you know who I feel for? Microsoft! Yeah, an underdog yet again. Blackberry follows up its 14 hour … Continue reading

Mobile Competition for Pocket IE


Let’s face it, web browsing on a Pocket PC has been one huge disappointment after another. Not to just fault Microsoft, all other contenders have not come even close to a desktop browser in your pocket. Not Opera. Not Minimo. Not … Continue reading

Windows Mobile 6 on BlackJack

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Well, well, well. The Windows Mobile 6 that Cingular has been promising since this device shipped, and almost a year after devices start popping up with WM6 on the market, Samsung & AT&T deliver… yawn. To boot, there are some … Continue reading

Looking at Windows Mobile 7

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Is what you see below Windows Mobile 7? More pictures here.

WM6 for Treo 750 released


Get your rom flashed, from AT&T:

Howto: Speeding up AJAX web applications with htaccess and mod_expires

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After the millionth time of watching my mobile phone choking on loading quarter meg of Javascript of Shockey Monkey’s new mobile rich interface I finally remembered the pain while searching for my lost Blackjack earlier this afternoon. Not only did … Continue reading

Windows Mobile 6.1

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Looks like The Boy Genius Report got his hands on Windows Mobile 6.1. Take a look at the gallery. Too bad Deepfish isn’t ready yet with all the hype heading to the iPhone. Go figure, people want “real” web browsing … Continue reading

My iPhone Buying Experience

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Earlier today I went to the Apple store to try and make myself like the iPhone enough so I could ask my wife to get it for me for Xmas. I failed… the keyboard sucks, the phone sucks, the mail … Continue reading

Upgraded Blackjack to Windows Mobile 6

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I have been feeling a little under the weather so I decided to take a plunge and upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 on my Blackjack. This is an underground, unofficial build (cooked rom) so please don’t email and ask, I … Continue reading