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Blackberry global network takes a monumental dump again, leaving millions of heroin addicts blackberry users without their email for several hours.

But you know who I feel for? Microsoft! Yeah, an underdog yet again. Blackberry follows up its 14 hour outage with a four hour outage and BB customers hug their little devices like a weed junkie hugs his bag of weed and a bag of chips. Apple outright rapes their iPhone early adopters, first by crippling the device, then by doing a $200 discount a month into the sales and discontinuing their 4GB model, then by crippling third party applications, then by setting the app cost to $6 and iTunes only barring the users from any decent software and locking it down to a crappy carrier… and Mactards hug their devices too.

Though it may not be nice to make fun of addicts, they are such because they love the products even given the insurmountable lack of reliability and functionality others percieve. I sure hope Microsoft is paying attention to this and responding so it doesn’t again have to dig billions into its wealth to buy a distant second competitor long after the war has already been lost (in this case, search).

And as to our gentle neighbors to the north.. Any chance you guys can either fire Jag Shokar from his position of Blackberry SP Alliance Manager or perhaps find some other H1–B reject in your monkey bucket that can process partner applications? Clocking on a month now of waiting for an update to a partner app that was submitted six months ago…. Does Canada take a 6 month vacation to scate around and chase penguins or are you just completely incompetent as evidenced by your network / staff response?