Ludacris adventures of business social networking

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Another day, another two dozen people added me as their Plaxo contacts. Grrr. The joys of being a community whore is that anyone that can Google your address adds you as a business contact.

Let me level with you friends. If I don’t know you, you’re not a contact. You are “some dude”

If I am not giving you money, you are not a business contact. If you choose to add me to your business contacts, you’re a spammer.

If you are not giving me money, you’re not a business contact. You are a prospect/lead.

Some people make a fatal mistake of thinking that a huge connection network makes them seem like they are “in” like they are “connected” – err, no you’re not. You’re just an annoying whore. Precisely the kind that everyone avoids. How do you spot a whore? Look at the connection-to-recommendation ratio. If they know 500 people but none of those choose to recommend them on the merits of the value of their business… guess what? You’z a ho.