AuthAnvil 1.5 is out!

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Check out the new stuff in AuthAnvil 1.5:

For starters, there are plenty of fixes and updates to the core system. There are over 50 usability bugs that have been fixed ranging for faster communication in the AuthAnvil DCOM Bridge to support for periods in AuthAnvil usernames.
We also include a few new things:
• The new AuthAnvil Web Logon Agent. You can now add strong authentication to web applications using Virtual Directories in IIS6. Look for an update that will also protect complete websites like Sharepoint in the first half of this year.
• The new AuthAnvil RADIUS Server. Microsoft’s Internet Authentication Server is toast… as is our IAS extension. With all the problems IAS posed for our premium customers who wished to use it along with MIcrosoft’s ISA server, we have found a better solution which also allows us to now support ful MSCHAP2 VPN,
• More documentation. You asked for it. So it’s now on the ISO.

Coolest of all – I saw AuthAnvil on a Windows Home Server today. We’re looking to use AuthAnvil as our main offering of securing the hosting side of hosted solutions since that happens to be the #1 part of paranoia when it comes to remote workers.. It’s always about differentiation.

But check out AuthAnvil, its BY FAR the most affordable thing out there when it comes to two factor authentication. If your projects fell through because you submitted an RSA quote with your pitch, you’re going to be a big fan of Dana’s.