How come nobody invited me to the party?

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It’s Sunday, so here is your lesson…

The man kind… Is a social one, my brothers and sisters….

Love thy neighbor, love thy fellow man. Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you….

We are all equal, created by God, and we need to pray together.. we need to geek together..

As a humanity.. as a society… as a community..

That ought to be enough for the front row in hell..

Why the tears, nobody invited you to the party? You didn’t hear about the latest event? You missed a networking opportunity? How did that happen?

People only hold the door open for so long. When they don’t see anyone coming towards it, the door gets closed.

Such is the case of the IT communities in Orlando. And boy do we have some awesome tech groups here. For example, we have four LUGs. We have a .NET group. We have an SBS/ITPRO group. We have IAMCP. We have a PHP group. We have a Cup o’ Code for Web 2.0 enthusiasts. We have PodCamp Orlando.

The opportunities to network, to discuss things with your peers, to get something off your shoulders with the only likely group of people that would understand… the way to open your mind to something new… is out there. You have been cordially invited.

But here is the bitch about friends and socialization… If you’re perceived to show up only when it has some direct payoff to you, you tend not to be invited to the special things. People like hanging out and working with people that they like. These are human beings, not clerks at a store anxious to make your day. If you don’t care about them, they won’t care (or think) about you when they could use you.

Social benefits come to those who show interest in their community and their fellow man. Relationships are primary, business relationships are secondary.