Mobile Competition for Pocket IE


Let’s face it, web browsing on a Pocket PC has been one huge disappointment after another. Not to just fault Microsoft, all other contenders have not come even close to a desktop browser in your pocket. Not Opera. Not Minimo. Not Deepfish.

Then enter iPhone with Safari with full AJAX and suddenly the Windows Mobile enthusiast is reduced from a human being to the gorilla banging the bones in front of the monolith during the 21st century odyssey.

But if you really want to browse the web on your PocketPC there is a glimer of hope, Skyfire:


It sounds ok, until you come to the part explaining that in order to get these cool features you also must run a server-side component in order to browse the web on your phone. If thats not a dealbreaker for you, here is the Youtube video.

Not very elegant, but a small price to pay for a useful web in your pocket.

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