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Two more Windows Mobile phones you shouldn’t buy

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This has been on my mind for a little while now and sometimes the fanboy eyeglaze needs to wear off before you evaluate things for what they are. I will never buy another Windows Mobile phone until Microsoft stands behind … Continue reading

It’s time to abort your whole freaking species! RIP Palm Foleo


If you know where the quote is from and it’s relevance to the subject at hand, you my friend are very cool. There is a strong stench of silicone vapor in the air over at Palm HQ as they kill … Continue reading

ResponsePoint visits Vladville

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I just got the news from Microsoft’s Jeff Smith that Response Point VoIP system for SMB will be making a visit to Vladville. This is why you go to places like WWPC, I mentioned when they released it and where I … Continue reading

Unlocking Cingular/ATT Phones bought on eBay

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One of the most common questions people have when they see my collection of Windows Mobile phones is how we get them, are we made of money? Apparently so, since Katie is now even giving away handsets, box and all. … Continue reading

iPhone: iEat my own words


Majority of the Internet has spent the last few weeks, and to a remarkable degree, the last few days overhyping the release of the iPhone. The usual Apple marketing at its finest, gullible fanboys in lines, lack of shaving and … Continue reading

TechEd Days 3 and 4 aka MEDC

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As I’ve blogged before, I love TechEd because its such a big buffet of Microsoft technologies, bringing the best, brightest and most successful presentations to what is frankly “the mix” of both developer and system administrator worlds. Truth is, those … Continue reading

Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 Released

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Key updates in Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 include: Windows Mobile 6 feature support o Information Rights Management activation Automatically configure the Windows Mobile 6 device to open IRM-protected documents and files o HTML mail Set up your Windows Mobile … Continue reading

Palm Foleo – buy or eBay?


The days of “thumbing it” could be over if Palm can get a price point that makes sense. Yesterday Palm announced Foleo, a companion laptop-like device for your mobile phone. Basically, its a 10” screen laptop with a full keyboard, … Continue reading

T-Mobile to launch T-mobile Wing next Tuesday


Talked with my contact at T-Mobile today and they told me that a new T-Mobile Wing (HTC Atlas) will be on it’s way to me next week, it gets released on Tuesday! Full review over at Looks pretty nice. … Continue reading

HP Mobility Misses Again: No WM6 upgrade for iPaq

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The more Carly changes, the more they HP the same. While iMate is well on its way to provide the third OS upgrade to their iMate JasJar PocketPC (from 2003 to WM5 and now to WM6) the HP strikes again – … Continue reading