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Office Mobile on WM5 Smartphones

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Now this is cool. has an article about how you can get Windows Mobile 6.0 Pocket Office on your Windows Mobile 5 smartphones – which with the exception of T-Mobile Dash are not officially upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6. … Continue reading

Windows Mobile 6 SDK “Refreshed” & Codename Quandry


Folks over at, pretty much the best blog covering Windows Mobile, are talking about a refresh for Windows Mobile 6 SDK. We just kicked off Shockey Monkey mobile agent coding today so this comes at a really good time but … Continue reading

Daily Humor: iPhone for Windows Mobile

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This cracked me up. Someone wrote an iPhone emulator for Windows Mobile. Would I have died to be in on that discussion: “Here we have an awesome portable media appliance, cell phone, remote management platform…. how do we dumb down the … Continue reading

Feeling hot, hot, hot, hot


Dell Recalls 4.1 million notebooks at risk of overheating and fire. And a whole new dimension to the term Vladfire comes about as one of my laptops is on that list. The list includes pretty much every model Dell has sold … Continue reading

ActiveSync 4.2 is out! Solves 85010014 errors.


Untitled document ActiveSync 4.2 is out. Now the thousands of you that have come to the Vladville wiki in search of resulution to the popular problem 85010014 will finally be able to sync without disabling SSL. Go get it !  … Continue reading

Microsoft Shows off Unified Messaging

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Untitled document So I got the usual slew of “you’re selling out, man” from my Linux friends by saying my company is pushing Microsoft software. I’m sorry guys, but the world demands more – more than IRC and GAIM. No, those … Continue reading

MSFP for Cingular 8125 Available

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Now as much as I hate the fact that you give money to Bell South, I feel a lot of you out there could benefit from this one: Cingular has made MSFP available for 8125 device, HTC Wizard. Get your … Continue reading

Windows Mobile 5 MSFP Emulator

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Untitled document Microsoft Exchange team just released the WM5 emulator with MSFP so you can test Direct Push via GPRS for your apps. You can download it here. Of little more interest, and to stick it to my SBS Show … Continue reading

Shared Windows Mobile Calendars without Exchange

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Untitled document Free tool allows you to syncronize your Windows Mobile phone with free and sharing-friendly Google Calendar. Every now and then I get approached by someone that needs a shared calendar or a good calendar for their use but they don’t need Exchange. … Continue reading

Palm 700w Gets MSFP


Untitled document Good news for the Treo/Palm fans, your beloved Windows Mobile 5 device finally gets MSFP/AKU2 rom. Yes, you can finally get Push Mail with your device. More at the Engadget Mobile but suffice to say you'll want to … Continue reading