Shared Windows Mobile Calendars without Exchange

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Free tool allows you to syncronize your Windows Mobile phone with free and sharing-friendly Google Calendar.

Every now and then I get approached by someone that needs a shared calendar or a good calendar for their use but they don’t need Exchange. Newlyweds need help coordinating their joint activities. Pregnancy or new baby brings up a scheduling nightmare. Party planning. As Windows mobile becomes a commonplace so does the reliance on shared calendars but the only thing Windows Mobile will sync against is Microsoft Exchange. Enter Google Calendar.

Google Calendar, which launched just a few short weeks ago, has become a de facto standard for free calendars online. It is friendly, dynamic, fast… and supports sharing… AND now can be synced to your Windows Mobile device using this free utility: Companionlink for Google Calendar.

It’s free, syncs using Outlook (which is also free with every Windows Mobile phone you buy) and you can sync and share to your hearts content without bringing in Exchange/SBS. Now all thats left is the the disappointment that comes with knowing how boring you are and how little life you have.

Guys over at msmobiles really did a good job selling this and also have a story about G-Spot XP, a free tool to take better screenshots of your SmartPhone.

Update: Whoa, what a bait and switch. Apparently earlier today it was free, now its magically only a 14 day trial. What a bait and switch. I'm sorry I sent you there under the wrong premise (unintentionally) and I would nuke the links to it along with the post except this may be worth it to someone, somewhere. As for the publisher, shame on you.

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