iPhone: iEat my own words


Majority of the Internet has spent the last few weeks, and to a remarkable degree, the last few days overhyping the release of the iPhone. The usual Apple marketing at its finest, gullible fanboys in lines, lack of shaving and hygene on display, what’s not to hate? Well, It’s not every day that I admit that I am wrong – I love the iPhone.

No, Apple didn’t sue me, Cingular didn’t send me a free device, I didn’t go drinking in West Hollywood to wake up with a whole new lifestle.. We were at the mall today and I need to get a cheap Mac for Shockey Monkey development so I figured we’d stop by the Apple store and fight the teenagers to find out the difference between the cheapest Mac and one thats not so cheap. So I figured, what the hell, let me play with it.

All the video’s and online demonstrations do not do it justice. The Internet access on this device fllies, the Safari browser is where Deepfish hopes it can be one day, the device overall speed smokes the performance of every PocketPC I have ever touched including the ones costing 2–3x as much like T-Mobile Ameo and HTC Universal and the display is just beautiful. Typing on this device is very easy, the autocorrection seems to work about as reliably as the Microsoft one, the web browser seems to be very advanced, every bit as promising as the online demos seem to make it and with AT&T stepping up the speed of their Edge network it just makes a huge difference.

Now, in all fairness, I don’t see myself spending $499 or $599 for an Apple device due to its ridiculous reliance on iTunes, and the culture of Apple fanatics. I’ve paid far more for Windows Mobile devices and about the worst thing about the iPhone is its size. Far, far too big. I am not sure where one would put that brick. Lastly, as cool as this device is, it doesn’t fit my business or really anything but the fancy smartphone market with no business application. Email app seems weak, scheduling too. But would I replace my personal RAZR cell with this? You bet, if it were only half the size. So…. iPhone Nano?

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