Upgraded Blackjack to Windows Mobile 6

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I have been feeling a little under the weather so I decided to take a plunge and upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 on my Blackjack. This is an underground, unofficial build (cooked rom) so please don’t email and ask, I will just delete the message.

All in all, Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for BlackJack is pretty cool, its the only Windows Mobile 6 Standard phone I have and the experience is quite less impressive than Windows Mobile 6 Professional happens to be. It is however much, much faster than WM5 and the setup was a breeze. Internet Explorer still crashes on some sites but overall its a worthwhile update.

It’s a great phone, very speedy and pretty good for firing off a quick email or checking a football score. Beyond that, or rather, in spite of it all I am quite unexcited about the platform in general. It seems to me that not only has Microsoft lost every bit of edge and innovation with the platform, not only have they killed every outlet for developers and enthusiasts to hack their devices but relatively little has been happening on this side of mobility since maybe April. Some of us, or perhaps most of us, enjoy playing with these gadgets and thats how we learn the key features to solve business problems… with that spark gone though, I think there will be an iPhone in the house as soon as ActiveSync is fully supported.

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