Android – Part #1


I love my Apple iPhone 3GS and I can’t really imagine life without it – it takes pictures, video, has great games, FaceBook and TweetDeck rock and when you need to kill time it’s awesome. However, my business phone is just not something iPhone is meant for. So after over a year of searching around I’ve decided to try and replace my business cell phone with the Google Nexus One.


Microsoft will be releasing Windows Mobile later this year. It’s about 90% likely to suck as Microsoft always does when they chase. I’ve never been a fan of Palm and it looks like they are about to die. Blackberry I have religious issues with.

So that left Android. I chose Google’s Nexus One because it got great reviews and unlike literally all the other handsets, it’s not controlled by the carrier so I don’t have to be at the mercy of a carrier when it comes to upgrades.

First Impressions

It’s an HTC. If you’ve ever purchased nearly any Windows Mobile phone you know what I mean – cheap Chinese piece of junk. Feels and looks cheap. Accessories look 3rd world all the way.

The OS is clunkier than the iPhone, not quite as intuitive and the keyboard is not even close to the iPhone one. Nexus One also has four shortcut keys underneath the screen so when you’re typing an email you can hit the buttons rather easily. The app selection is pretty diverse and looks better than the App Store. The Exchange AS works, but there is no way to provide a signature for sent mail – very, very strange but apparently being worked on. The phone itself is very responsive but also very hot. Multitasking implementation is awesome – killing applications isn’t, you need to launch another app (task killer). Voice Search is not very accurate. Battery life is about the same. The camera is amazing. Tethering is supported and the AT&T 3G is moving quite fast. Customizing ringers, etc is a bit touch and go.

In a nutshell, it’s decent. It’s no iPhone, not even close. If I had to choose only one, I would definitely get the iPhone. But for pure business… That I’m not so sure on.

So far, no show stoppers. I’ll post an in depth review after using it for more than 1 day 🙂

6 Responses to Android – Part #1

  1. Frank Bell says:

    Thanks for the initial impressions. I agree with your assessment of the iPhone. A great platform but just not really suited for business. Being a CrackBerry addict I am interested in the Nexus One. I will wait to see your in depth review.

  2. Vlad Mazek says:


    Will do – I got so many emails asking about it since I posted last night on Twitter that I had to come out and say something 🙂

    After I get a bit of a handle on it, I’ll offer some details. Any “new to me platform” will seem like it sucks compared to the stuff I’m used to, I felt like that when I first saw the iPhone. My selection criteria was definitely different as well.


  3. Jules says:

    I know it may be an individual thing, but what makes the iPhone unsuitable for your business?

    Can I presume that you would say it is a business phone for other businesses though?

    And WinMo… Why do they bother lol…

  4. Vlad Mazek says:


    Honestly, it was mostly personal. As OWN has grown my “mail” has just about exploded and the only way I can get through the day is to properly file and assign the items to others for resolution. Because iPhone mail app left a lot to be desired in that area (lack of easy flagging, lack of easy access to different folders and alerts when new items were available in those folders) it sort of leveled down my effectiveness on the road when I didn’t have my laptop turned on.

    Handling attachments and forms the iPhone was also a challenge. Although it has gotten a lot better, I needed to be able to send templates when partners ask the same questions we’ve answered a thousand times on the portal, in the FAQ, on the web sites or at

    Finally, the phone itself; I had missed a number of business calls with the iPhone and you know how it goes – if you don’t answer the phone you’re perceived to be ignoring them and having bad support.

    Again, given the options, I’d pick iPhone over everything else. But since my personal needs are exceeded by the iPhone and my business needs aren’t met, I’m giving Android a shot.


  5. Mike says:

    I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the Nexus One, and it really is being adopted rather slowly. Much more slowly than the iPhone or Droid were.

    All things considered though, if you are really looking for something for a business phone, you can’t limit yourself by prejudices and should look at all options, even different carriers if what you are looking for is not available on your carrier.

    If you are just looking for another way to give Apple more control over your life, well then you only have the iPhone and maybe the iPad when it comes out.

  6. vlad says:

    I did too; But it’s Google, everyone complains about everything Google does when it first comes out, same with every other technology (Except Apple, since their stuff is made from tears of unicorns by the devil himself)..

    But if this is Google’s big experiment at changing telephony, and they can create a baseline for others to copy (which is what it seems like) then it’s worth a shot.

    I really, really disliked the droid, just about everything about it to be honest. So far I’m pretty happy with the Nexus but it’s got it’s fair share of bugs. The world of software 🙂


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