Best College Class For Anyone Looking For A Job

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Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of getting sucked into Facebook debates on the value of college. From dumb people pounding their chest over how rich they are and how much college sucks to old disaffected liberal arts majors arguing that college isn’t a trade school. Let’s just say your mileage may vary. Reality is, no matter how much your counselors and professors lie to you about your job opportunities straight out of college, you will not be starting in the upper management.. and on your way up you’ll have to deal with a lot of people.. ewww #amirite

Dealing With People

Not something you’re taught in college.

And I hate to tell you this my fellow millennials.. but you’re fucking weird. And to older folks you’re just outright awkward. So when you walk into that job interview, looking and behaving nothing like what they are used to, it feels like wearing a full suit to the beach. And it only gets worse from there if you actually get the job.

So for the love of god.. get a customer facing part time job while you’re in college.

Learn how to deal with people.

Learn how to diffuse angry people, learn how to read body language, learn how to control your emotions, learn how to prevent insane and rude people from ruining your day, learn how to figure out what people actually want, learn how to communicate with people effectively.. observe and learn.

I know what you’re thinking.. “But Vlad, I’m a marketing major with a minor in psychology, I’ve read a ton about this and gone over so many case studies I can lecture for days” – I’m impressed. But without any actual experience you’re just another homeless realtor and trust me people around you can tell and you don’t want to be pushed into the immature corner by the very people that may be in charge of your career and success.


So go – get out there. Some people may tell you there is no honor in working a minimum wage job, that you shouldn’t waste your time on thing that aren’t directly related to the field you want to be in, that you should focus on your classes 100%, that the only thing that matters is who you know, what you know.. And everyone has an opinion.

But when you get a job you will be dealing with people. A wide variety of crazy, tired, drugged, angry, vengeful, unfocused, distracted people. Get ready for it now because your first day as a professional is not a lab experiment, you won’t be able to reboot the people you accidentally insult. Get ready – and bring that fact up in your job interview: People like me!

No matter what business you end up working in, trust me, it’s a people business. Even if you’re a coroner or crime scene cleaner.