Not sure what I’m doing right but.. thanks!

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Yesterday ExchangeDefender posted the biggest month both on revenue and profits. ExchangeDefender is booming thanks to Essentials ($0.50/user/month), the cloud is taking off with our premium offering that will include Lync (launch in May) and to be honest I’d love nothing more than to sit at home, stay on my diet and train for my Ironman. But instead (woe is me) I have to wake up at 3AM to go on a business trip.

This is somewhat a matter of perspective. Yes, I’d love to sleep in. But…


I am going on a one-day trip to Las Vegas. I will be back home in time for dinner tomorrow.

Over the next few hours I get to hang out with a bunch of our partners and figure out what we can do better. I don’t have to work. I don’t have to put up a booth or stand in it for hours.

I’m going to hang out with my Aussie friends that also do a ton of business with us. We’re going out to eat at a place that I hope looks like my garage in a few years. Then we’re going to see “O” at Bellagio. And somewhere along that way we get to figure out how to perfect our business down under.

This is my life.

Whatever the f I’ve done to deserve this.. I wish I knew it so I could do it all the time and never go to sleep.

Whatever it is that causes any of you reading this message to do business with us, thank you. We’re continuing to build kickass products and services and take them to the next level around the world.

Every day is a little bit better than the previous one. Every day I’m glad to open my eyes and go to work. 3AM or 9AM or noon.

I know we don’t say thank you often enough… so whatever it is that I do that you like and follow.. from ExchangeDefender to Shockey Monkey to Looks Cloudy to my Facebook or Twitter… Thank you.

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