Letting the little stuff slide

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Not really related to anything in the technology field, but just how often do the little things get to you? To me – very often. Mostly because my entire job is on the polar opposites – I set the company direction for years in advance and I also get to deal with the littlest of details because that’s what sets us apart and makes sure we’re not “just like everyone else out there.”

Living an actual (non-professional) life with those qualities is tough.

Stuff that would not even be noticed by a normal person just.. gets.. to you.

Earlier today, I got back home to find that our trash hasn’t been picked up.

We pay a @#% in taxes to a village (I don’t live in “Orlando”) that does relatively little.

Compared to real cities with mass transit, etc this place is pathetic.

So when we pay such a premium, is it unreasonable to expect the city to pick up the trash and not leave half of it in the trash can? I think so.

But it’s all in how you handle it.

My first thought was to take the remaining trash and go huck it at the city hall. Pro: brief moment of satisfaction. Con: I’d have to drive with trash in my car, throw it at a place when it’s closed.

My second thought was to take the trash to the actual department that handles this, leave it there and ask if it’s too much to expect to have it picked up every week or if I should just keep on bringing it back to the counter and leaving it there? Pro: brief moment of satisfaction and abuse. Con: trespassing, littering, court time, more penalties, etc.

My final thought that I actually went with: Close the garbage lid and thank god I’m not a garbage man. Pro: I walk into my house. Con: Da man wastes my tax money.

For the most part, many things you do will not affect you a lot a year from now. Losing your temper/patience (or taking calls from people that will do so) is worth deferring and ignoring. My buddy Karl says you shouldn’t work with people you don’t like. My buddy Andy Goodman only works with his friends. Both make a very good point: Life is a lot nicer when you can be thankful for being better off than the people that try to screw you.