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Is Shrink-Wrapped Software Dead?

Web 2.0

The latest issue of Time (March 17) questions whether we’ll soon see the end of commercial software installed on the PC in favor of web-based apps that do pretty much the same thing. Except for free and without the associated … Continue reading

Heading Over To The Dark Side

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I spent most of last week and will likely spend the rest of 2007 on the dark side. Google If you are looking to chat with me and don’t do business with OwnWebNow, you can find me on Google Talk. My … Continue reading

Twitter, Explained

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Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out the value in certain things. I’m so inundated with stuff that I almost subscribe to the mantra that everything is crap until it proves otherwise. I remember that, after giving Twitter a … Continue reading

How can you get people to read your corporate blog?

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Got this one in the email today: Hi Vlad, Love your blog! I don’t believe in the community stuff but you always brighten up my day and I would appreciate your advice. I started a blog for my business but … Continue reading

Howto: Speeding up AJAX web applications with htaccess and mod_expires

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After the millionth time of watching my mobile phone choking on loading quarter meg of Javascript of Shockey Monkey’s new mobile rich interface I finally remembered the pain while searching for my lost Blackjack earlier this afternoon. Not only did … Continue reading

Should free content creators be commercially compensated for giving away things for free?

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Disclosure: I have been a Microsoft MVP in Microsoft Exchange category for two years, each year the reward consists of some swag and a $150 credit in the Microsoft store. How I got the award (first or second time) is … Continue reading

Howto: WordPress AJAX Newsletter Subscription with jQuery

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Today I took the first steps towards publishing my newsletter and that of course means putting up a signup form. This is a dreadful, backwards process of creating a new template page, building a form, a processing script and then … Continue reading

When conflict of interest strikes back: Apple, Amazon

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Over the past few days the Internet has been full of the conflict of interest coverage, be it from jaded lovers or angry blog authors who thought they mattered.. and I suppose it’s a sad realization when you realize you … Continue reading

Guest Post: Community CEO, Do you GET it?

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It’s Friday, and I figured it was as good of a time for a guest post as any. This time, however, we have someone that obviously doesn’t get it. But that’s not all, while this guy seems to be in … Continue reading

Get your live.xx email address

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Gotta love! I found out earlier today that Microsoft Live opened up live.xx domain for registrations and LiveSite blog urged me to sign one up along with a full list of domains available from Click here to sign … Continue reading