Fixed Shockey Monkey Video Links

Shockey Monkey
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Fixed Shockey Monkey links for the few of you that cached the old posts:

Flash Movie (20 minutes)

Windows Media Movie (20 minutes)

Both can be viewed/streamed online and they are identical just offered in two formats if you’re not on Windows or if you don’t have a Flash plugin installed. Either should work, I hope you enjoy it.

Note: This is apparently popular. It’s beating up my 20 Mbit network connection so it may be flowing slowly please be patient. As for emails saying “I signed up, I haven’t been turned up, so I submitted it again”; Please don’t do that. I am going down the list of when the accounts were created and all the requests are stored in the database. So when you sign up again the system updates the timestamp and you fall to the bottom of the request list. While I am extatic that so many of you are so anxious to get started with this please keep in mind that this is a freebie project I am working on my own so please cut me some slack as I get you all turned up.