Why Linux Evangelists Fail

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Because too many hobbyists discussing politics are misrepresenting themselves as IT professionals and Linux evangelists. Nearly every IT Pro I know has used Linux or currently uses Linux – whether they like it or not is not up to discussion but there is a way to influence people and then there is a way to look like a total basketcase. Case and point, courtesy of a poster on Orlando LUG:

“Remember, Microsoft IS a multiple convicted Felon pirate thief
monopolist con-artist, on several continents, and is under indictment by
governments, as is stated in the press, in several nations, at this
moment.  Japan, Australia, the EU, all have serious problems with Felon

One method of dealing with convicted felons is to NOT negotiate, but, to
enforce the laws against them, especially when they are still on probation!
What is wrong with people, that they continuously choose failure?”

You want to play “software evangelist” – this makes me want to use Linux…. how? Even if it were completely true, would you not try to find a way to walk away from someone like this as fast as possible?