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Office 2007 MIME types for Apache

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An interesting bug came up in the OWN Forums over the weekend, when downloading Office 2007 Word (docx) document from an Apache hosted site, the file either comes up garbled (application/octet-stream) or opens up a zip folder. This is usually the case when you have … Continue reading

Compiz and Beryl Merge

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Perhaps one of the best developments in the Linux GUI world in quite some time, two of the biggest projects that bring eye-candy to Linux are getting together! If you’ve never seen Beryl in action just search YouTube for it, it … Continue reading

Good morning Microsoft Linux

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Many predicted it would come, for years. Many agreed it would make sense for Microsoft. Well, they have. And for days my phone has been ringing around the clock with reporters wanting to hear my opinion because I sit on … Continue reading

Good intro to MySQL

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Needed to get some air and clear my head.. so I went to the local Linux User Group ( mostly because its one of the few places I can go to without looking like a human being. No shaving, no … Continue reading

NTFS Partitioning Tool


Need to repartition your NTFS volume – resize, delete, move, format or delete for free? Even on a server? Check out Gparted. Not a day goes by without someone that just got their shiny new Dell server with a 160 … Continue reading

SBS vs. Linux: The Response from Email Battles

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Untitled document Brief response to the Email Battles story titled “Why Linux Servers Trump Windows SBS”  which in turn was a response to my earlier story about “Linux vs. SBS: Switch”; Their outright ignorance of what SBS provides not only … Continue reading

Linux vs. SBS: Switch!

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Untitled document Excellent point brought up in the comments section today by Josh: For example, Microsoft wants to argue about stability vs. Linux. In nearly all Linux servers we manage that comparison is laughable. Now, compare RPC-over-HTTP functionality with Linux? … Continue reading

Windows 2003 Server more reliable than Linux


Really. Not just because Scoble says so, but also because Yankee Group did a research paper on it. Well, it’s written down and researched so it must be true. Sometimes I get under fire for calling BS on Microsoft too … Continue reading

Linux and History of Understatements


Untitled document Post on my local Linux User Group reminded me that Linux is just about 15 years old. Linux Journal, something my friend Pablo subscribed to in the long long ago when we were just starting at CyberGate, is … Continue reading

Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself…

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This certainly puts in perspective. Kevin Korb, whose presentation on Software RAID at the local Linux user group got turned into the podcast, shared this great page with me along with his resistance to the word podcast. You have to … Continue reading