Good morning Microsoft Linux

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Many predicted it would come, for years.

Many agreed it would make sense for Microsoft.

Well, they have.

And for days my phone has been ringing around the clock with reporters wanting to hear my opinion because I sit on both edges of the Linux-Windows musical chairs. Is this good for Microsoft? Is this good for Linux? Is this good for Novell? I won’t bore you with 30 pages of my opinion on this but I will help you find all the answers you’ll ever need on this subject:

Try to find a single Linux fan that is happy with this move.

Go on. I’ll wait.

Back so soon? Found nothing? Get the idea yet? No?

Alright, now find a list of companies that will benefit from this deal.

Go on. I’ll wait. Microsoft… Novell… anybody else?

That second task is more telling than the first one. Microsoft, known for its long tradition of great partnerships, has done it again.

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