Dude where’s my SBS Show?

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Yeah, yeah I know… Long time no SBS Show, the world is ending. Unfortunately for both me and my significantly-audiable-one, that work thing we do between the free stuff for “the community” has been getting in the way of fun stuff. We will have a very exciting two-part SBS Show out soon but we’re also working on the newsletter and a few other things that come out at the exact same time.. thus the delays. But I know you’d appreciate something in the meantime so here is a great show by our friend Eriq Neale:


Today’s episodes of eOnCall feature an interview with Sandi Hardmeier, IE MVP, about the IE7 release. If you haven’t had time to look at IE7 yet, or if you have clients who are wondering about IE7, this would be a good pair of episodes to catch. The broadcast airs today, and the archives will be available no later than tomorrow morning on the show web site, http://www.eoncall.com.