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One of the search features I would really appreciate would be to search for the results available in the database on a particular date. For example, what if you searched for “Bush nucular evidence” in 2001 vs. 2007, you’d get some wildly different result sets.

My particular problem, and the reason I am writing this blog post at 5 am, is that for the past few hours I have been trying to locate a mailing list response from the author of dovecot from the long, long ago. I cannot figure out how to do static maildir mappings without involving uid/gid in auth_userdb database.

Google does have a search that limits how old of a result you wish to see (show only pages that were first seen over the last 6 months) but nothing to say show only results available prior to date m/d/y. Oh well, there is always hope for search, lol.

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