You know what today is, right?


Start of the football season. Let the trash talking begin.

So let’s see, who are we playing this year. Of course, there is FSU. Now their coach seems to have the right spirit:


The rest of the team gets it too I think.



n12804726308153765569js1Now last year we lost to Georgia…. so props to them. But I think one in what, 30, is a fluke. And considering they are #1.. See ya in Jacksonville.


OSUNow hopefully this year we won’t see OSU back in the contention…for anything….. or backing into games just to be destroyed by the SEC. Maybe destroyed is too kind? Humiliated? I dunno, for some reason Inbred Hick League (Big 10) always seems to be in the contention despite the fact that they play high school teams it seems. But this year with USC in week three hopefully they will slide where they belong, somewhere behind Vanderbilt or Fresno State.

Let’s see… who else do we play. Tennessee? Citadel? WTF? That’s a school? LSU one is going to be ugly, I won’t lie. I guess we aren’t playing Alabama this year, I guess there wasn’t enough room on the whopping schedule between Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Miami to fit in the overpaid coach and the diapointment crew. Rumor is, Chris Rue is walking onto that team to play a linebacker. My god, is this what being an OSU fan feels like, checking if the opponents are actually a college or a prep school? 🙂

Coments are open and welcome, bring it on 🙂

Go Gators!

3 Responses to You know what today is, right?

  1. See and I was just starting to like you until you started talking shit about Alabama. 🙂 Yeah, I live in Florida and it’s said when you have to go outside your state to find a football team worth backing. See ya in the SEC Champion Game.

  2. Chris Haaker says:

    Dang Florida fans are ignorant. One Championship and it goes to their head! And then when they cant win against the third best team in the Big Ten (Michigan) they fall back to “SEC rules”. And how does just winning your games constitute “backing in”? “Oh, sorry, we should just turn down the vote to go to the championship game”. Here, Georgia, you go, ’cause UF just got dusted by the Wolverines that got dusted by OSU if you use your college football math.

    PS I grew up in Florida and the number of inbred hicks between Gainesville and Montgomery triple the number in Ohio. Now, Kentucky and West Virgina are another story!

  3. vlad says:


    I think you are mistaking ignorance for championships:

    LSU 1
    Florida 1

    Oh yeah, nothing since 2002.

    Speaking of ignorance, I love your football math. Appalachian State defeated Michigan which defeated Florida so that means Florida is a worse team than Appalachian State?

    Big Ten keeps on playing against high school teams, THAT is why you will always be considered a weak fallback into championships and have been blown up in actual contests.

    As for the inbred hicks, yeah, you’ve got me there.


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