Labor Day Presents: SM Reports

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Monday is Labor Day, but it’s also the first of the month.

And first of the month brings the new upgrade to Shockey Monkey as I’ve pretty much committed the team to doing monthly updates to all the bugs and new features. As we’re actually about to allow people to give us money and sponsor the project we also need to kick up the production quality a bit. So starting this Monday, big new feature is reports:

8-30-2008 4-07-09 PM

Just a teaser post of course, I’ll show some more in depth stuff on Monday/Tuesday.

Funny thing about Shockey Monkey reporting, I have received a ton of kicks in the balls and bitching over the “missing” reports but only one person (and I’ll name her: Amy Babinchak) has stepped up with the mockups and drawings and sample data to stick into the said reports. If you want to see things in the software folks you’ve got to draw them up and recommend them in. Just saying “I want reports” doesn’t cut it, you have to contribute something meaningful for the entire community to benefit.

Monday 1st, see ya. Have a wonderful weekend.

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