The Dog Ate My Reporting

Shockey Monkey
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I feel like Bart Simpson trying to lie about why his homework isn’t ready to turn in.

photo I have been working pretty hard on the reports tab of Shockey Monkey and bug fixes all day. The good news is that all the outstanding bugs have been fixed, including the unreported ones I found while fixing other bugs. So great news there.

On the other hand, reports didn’t play out as well. I got them done, but I’ve been told by everyone that has looked at them so far that they are “weak” at best and “totally unpresentable to any client, even pro-bono” at worst. This came from the people that actually like me and are using the product for free so it’s hard to discount that kind of comment. Bah. I’m redoing the style sheets and formatting a little to make it seem like less of a pile of junk, I will update you on the progress tomorrow night.

P.S. The email connector bugs have been shaken out, you can now do 100% of your support via email if you choose to without ever logging into the portal. The billing exports have also been fractionalized allowing you to bill the support request granularly per-request, so if a ticket is split between multiple billing periods it can be broken up over multiple invoices. The executive report and other metric-bearing reports are also getting printable charts, the implementation of which I am not 100% certain off but will be after the morning meeting.

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