SBSers and Reading


One of the best parts of the MVP summit is getting together with project managers who bring you all the Microsoft software and seeing exactly how they collect the feedback and how we all end up with the software that we use.

The picture below is of the entrance to the SBS MVP meeting room, where some of the most knowledgeable SBS experts got together with Microsoft SBS team to share feedback, direction, opinions and why wizards are so neccessary because people can’t read the damn documentation.

Here is the picture of the conference room door:


If you are having trouble reading, the door on the right has a sign on it right at the eye level that says, in English, “Please use other door” and an arrow pointing to, well, the other door:


The number of SBS MVPs grabbing or the locked door was just amazing. What was incredible though was that Chris and I were standing outside of the conference room looking and laughing at the whole thing.

Two MVPs went up to the door, could not open it, turned around and asked us if we knew if the conference door was locked. Chris said: “Use the other door” and the guys started to walk the other way in the hallway to try and find the other door.. “No, that door, the one on the left” like the sign says.

I decided to start taping the entrance but for some reason nobody wanted to walk in front of the camera 🙂

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