Lack of professionalism goes both ways..


One thing that gets me, been on really all sides of the IT business, is how easy it is to spot people that should never be dealing with human beings. The world of IT business has really evolved from the hippie-hair guru that dismissed everyone around him and acted like a god… that personality is dead and it seems to be lost the most on the older generation which likely got their pinkslip because they could not act in a professional manner.

How they went from being a fired antisocial guru to an IT consultant confuses me even more. I mean, if I hated people the last occupation I would want is the one of a patient mediator and teacher trying to bridge the gap between the end user training and complex computer user interfaces. But that’s just me. Here is the thing:

If you can’t be polite and courteous people will refuse to work with you.

I can understand the frustration, I can understand the personal problems.. but that does not mean I have to tolerate it or accept it. What kind of a leader would I be if I did that? What kind of a message does it send to your people to force them to put up with abusive and rude people, but never do anything but smile and try to help?

No. We are not DMV. We are not a punching bag.

Most techies like to assume that everyone they talk to is a complete retard and it is their duty to solve all the problems the other party has because the way they were treated did not meet their expectations. There is a lot of professional stuff in professional services, if you can’t act like one you need to seek a job where they will stick you in your cave and throw away the key. Only downside is that those types of jobs are few and far in between..

So let’s learn a little respect, k? Or you will be sitting in one sad, lonely unemployed corner all by yourself and your ego.

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