See you on the 2nd…


Tomorrow is April 1st and I will not be blogging out of protest.

You see, April 1st is the excuse for people without the slightest sense of humor to take one day a year and act like awkward imbeciles. I’m not even going to work tomorrow, I can imagine the helpdesk, voicemail, phone calls and other mediums will be flooded by people that get one obligatory day to pull out the giant stick they carry up their butt the other 364 (or this year, 365) days of the year.

Humbug. I wish most people could stop trying to destroy a productive workday and instead ration out that good spirit and humor over the course of the whole year.

See ya on the 2nd.

2 Responses to See you on the 2nd…

  1. StaceyC says:

    I could only hope this would be an April Fool’s Joke:

    “You gotta love it. Only in Japan would you find a copy of Windows Vista packaged like this in hot pink. The packaging is part of a special promotion for the Japanese market, where Windows Vista Home Premium is bundled with Windows Live OneCare and a Vista tips & tricks book.”

  2. Kevin Beares says:

    Funny thing Vlad. I decided to start an entirely new blog and blog twice today and that is not an April Fool’s joke. Check it out some time. Not really a technical blog that is unless you like to get geeky about diet and exercise.

    Hope is all and well with you pal and looking forward to seeing you at MVP Summit.


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