Advanced Mobility and Stalking with WM5


So in an attempt on shaking the stupid off I figured I should post a few resources on mobility that I use as a resource every day. For example, if you're creating a reliable and redundant messaging platform with Exchange 2003 for a larger organization there are good odds you will not find a wizard. The SBS Mobility will not help there. First, there is an awesome document on deploying mobile messaging over at Jason Langridge's blog. Start there. It is the only document out there that goes in great detail on MSFP. That will get your Exchange talking to your phone in more ways than one. Second, this mobility stuff is new (to Microsoft at least) so there is a lot of undocumented behavior in devices and ActiveSync that only developers can see. Microsoft is trying. In addition to the central mobility blog from the Windows Mobile Team, there is also a documentation leaf blog. When you are ready to really dig into Windows Mobile and all it involves you pretty much have to deal with developers. Start with Marcus Perryman, bookmark the MSDN Mobility Library, sign up and live on xda-developers forums and do the improbable task of not crippling your system with the WM5 emulator and dev kit. If there is one thing, one thing, you should out of this whole post its the Channel9 Mobility Wiki. But I don't like to read… Now I know there are a lot of you out there that just cannot read a whitepaper. Something about lots of words and scribbles on white paper without pictures is just not appealing. No need to despair, you can always resort to stalking. You sort of have two options here. You can stalk Peter Galagher who is the mobility expert on the SBS PSS team but he is a pretty tall guy and might kick your ass. The more attractive (sorry Peter) alternative is in Vanitha Prabhakaran who is on the Exchange PSS team. If you're in Europe there are always mamaich and Tuatra from So there you go, for developers and stalkers, those are some resources to mobility. Hope it helps.

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