More Java Problems for APC


It seems like problems with APC are going to come back to the masses yet again. Remember last year? Well, it looks like strange things are afoot at the Java ranch again. Patch away. This kind of goes a long way toward showing you that appliances are not bullet proof. Sure they may not suffer from the same problems Microsoft operating systems do but they are still written by underpaid programmers and they still need to be managed. Patch away 🙂 APC Security Advisory for PowerChute Business Edition 7.x & PowerChute Network Shutdown 2.2.x Java Runtime Environment Unsigned Applet Privilege EscalationA problem exists with multiple versions of Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that may allow an unsigned applet to escalate its privileges. PowerChute Business Edition and PowerChute Network Shutdown may install a vulnerable JRE. For PowerChute Business Edition 7.x Users: Download and apply the JRE update patch to all machines running the PCBEagent or server. Official Announcement

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