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I saw this at the book store yesterday and it damn near brought a tear to my eye:


That bull is the symbol of the American pride: confidence and hope in the American financial enterprise. It stands on West side of the New York Stock Exchange and is frequently surrounded by tourists, tapping it and taking pictures from every angle imaginable. That is the spirit of America, what all of us sacrifice hours of each day to contribute to: by working, by saving, by investing and by building this great nation.

Yet, for the second time in the history of United States of America, massive fraud and borderline criminal behavior has compromised the faith we, and the rest of the world, hold in the economy and the those at the very top of the commerce regulatory chain. Everyone from the crooked CEOs now in jail to secretary Paulson to Bernake to congress and sleepy W have smashed the American dream to pieces.

How do we rebuild the promise of America?

By doing our job, doing it as well as we can and not making the mistakes we’ve made in the past. Tomorrow many of us will go back to work after a long and well deserved holiday break, let’s remember what brought us to the leadership role and what will keep us at the top: AMBITION.

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