Vladcast Episode 11 – Determination


Vladcast on determination. For all those of you that asked where I get the energy to do what I do and how I get this done. You might want to turn your speakers down a little though, this is the raw, uncensored Vlad. All you gotta remember is that if you gotta be a monkey…  (if this makes any bit of difference in your life please let me know)

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9 Responses to Vladcast Episode 11 – Determination

  1. vlad says:

    Sorry about the tapping noise in the background, when I talk I tend to get a little animated and thats the sound of the headset wire hitting the filing cabinet in the storage area where I have my podcasting stuff setup. Might need to rethink it but I think the message gets through.

    I hope you dig it.


  2. Brother, you are my fucking hero. Period.

    Gettn’ shit done in J-ville,


  3. azedison says:

    God damn dude you rock!

    I’d love to be on the ownwebnow squawk box calls. My boss just ignores me for weeks then I get yelled at.

  4. Jen says:

    You call this filthy? 🙂

    I guess for people that haven’t met you in person. 🙂

    This is safe, PG-13 at worst.


  5. Logan Tamer says:

    Are these the daily “squawk box” calls I heard about at own? You do this stuff with your staff every single day?

    I am sure that many would love to getthis on daily basis. I found it very inspirational and I wish I could pull off anything even close to it for the sake of the business around me.

    Made my day. Thanks.


  6. Jeff M. says:

    Once again, right on! You are that loud fuckin’ voice in my head reminding me that I am intelligent!

    Yeah, the podcasts work for me!

  7. vlad says:

    Jeff, thanks!

    I don’t know that I should be encouraging people that hear voices in their head 🙂


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