VladCast Episode 8 – LA, WWPC, Humility


VladCast 8, live from Los Angeles, California…. recorded quick, at about noon, cause I had to be in a data center soon. Yes, I’m that white. 

  • Los Angeles
  • Sloooooooooooow week
  • WWPC: Whats there?
  • Humility

Play VladCast: [audio:http://www.vladville.com/media/Vladcast8.mp3]

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2 Responses to VladCast Episode 8 – LA, WWPC, Humility

  1. TimBarrett says:

    Nice podcast bro, but you shoulda opened w/ “Los Angeles” by Frank Black. Woulda rocked! Speaking of audio, I think I’ll dust off that audio of you singing 2 Live Crew to the seagull in Seattle and close NGLB w/ that. 😉

  2. vlad says:

    You have my permission/release to use that in any way you feel is inappropriate. That could be your production company logo 🙂

    I used Eazy E because it was just on the radio aaaaall the time.

    BTW, Katie saw your comment and asked “So, what did I miss?”


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