VladCast Episode 7 – Betas, WWPC, iPhone

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VladCast 7, after a pretty bad flu, is finally on the air. I checked my stats, got almost 2,000 regular listeners (RSS) so I’m pretty happy with how its growing – talk about loving the voice! So what’s in store this week, 10 minutes of Vlad Audio Goodness:

  • Vlad in LA from 7/4 – 7/7 (Beverly Hills, dinner anyone?)
  • WWPC: What it really is
  • Susanne Dansey the MVP
  • Centro, Cougar, 2008: Getting a dual core w/ 4GB DDR complete system for under $500
  • Comparison between iPhone and Windows Mobile 6 in both consumer and business settings

Play VladCast: [audio:http://www.vladville.com/media/Vladcast7.mp3]

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