Vladcast Episode 12 – Who Motivates You?


Vladcast #11 was the most popular Vladcast ever (yeah, four people!) – kind of ironic when you consider that it had nothing to do with IT and technology. I am not sure how, but I confused a lot of you into thinking I’m some motivational guru – far from it. But I did get asked at one point just who motivates me and if you’ve seen my SBS Show and Vladcast projects you’ll see that I am very motivated by people that are successful and willing to share their formula for the greater good. That in turn is what I do with the Vladville and OWN each and every day. But I am not a great motivational speaker so I wanted to let someone else, far more eloquent than I am, explain to you just what I believe. Hope you find the 7 minutes very inspiring.  

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3 Responses to Vladcast Episode 12 – Who Motivates You?

  1. I have heard the word “hope” thrown around a lot this year — especially by certain Presidential candidates. Hope to me means simply this: If you’re hoping for something to happen, then you didn’t do enough to make it happen. Hope is for the uncertain. What our community has lacked for a while now is belief. Belief in your abilities. Belief in your works. Belief in yourself. I believe that is a huge part of being successful.

  2. Vlad. Thanks for the great post. It’s been a long time since I thought to listen to Dr. West.

    Success is a noun thrown around quite often in IT, and what defines it. You name the pundit (Karl, HTG, whoever) and they use their own definition of success.

    But you, posting a conversation that helps shape your thoughts is truly provocative. Catastrophe of success – I’ll have to read Tennessee Williams again!

    Many thanks – Christian

  3. Anon says:

    Just thought I’d leave a link to Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, he has pancreatic cancer and is going to die. He offers some of lifes little lessons in his last lecture which I though was quite inspiring.


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