Thanks for the birthday presents

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In about 2 hours I’ll be turning 32!

I never imagined I would be where I’m at by 32. Ever, actually. The only financial goal I ever remember setting for myself is being able to take home six figures. Today, every day I wake up (if I’m lucky to have gone to sleep – not from having to work but being so excited about what we’re doing that I can’t stop) I feel like that scene from Glengarry Ross – “The money is out there. You pick it up, it’s yours.” Today, our field is so hot and our partners are so awesome that all it takes is us talking about something and the line forms.

cali Being able to do what I do, and being this successful at it, is truly the best present I can get. Like I always remind my team – just because we think our products kick ass doesn’t mean anything: it’s our partners clients that need to think that too. Even though things are going great, there are so many things we are working on improving, scaling, making more effective, more efficient. Every day is a challenge of making things simpler, making things make more sense to the end consumer and doing more with the technology.

To all my readers, and to all the Vlad’s Ferrari Fund contributors, thank you. I’ll have some icing for you.

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