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Vladville: The Final Post

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Since early 2003, this blog (and it’s predecessor) chronicled the Fast Times at SMB high, the rise and fall of several business models and the lessons learned along the way to building wealth and solutions for the SMB technology … Continue reading

AT&T Microcell 3G


It never fails to surprise me how resourceful this blog is when I hit a wall. Last week I wrote a blog post about the genius use of default iPhone ringtone in Verizon’s commercials.. and Paul chimed in with the … Continue reading

The Best Investment of 2010

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I’m often asked by people that are in growth mode just what the best investments and tools for making it big are. I too have unsuccessfully hopped from one piece of software to hardware through the years always in the … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7– Only thing that matters

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Microsoft is set to launch Windows Phone 7 today. And by launch, I mean start talking about it openly – you’re not getting a Windows phone today. Features and how it compares to Android and iPhone for the most part … Continue reading

How do you back up a ton of stuff?


This one is for my buddy Howard Cunningham (CEO of Macro Systems LLC, our go-to service provider in the Washington DC area) who has a unique challenge in backing up clients monster SAN. What Howard ran into, and the challenge … Continue reading

Beauty is subjective

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Unless it’s really, really fugly. I maintain that the new MacBook Pro and it’s light edition are fugly. Not that Apple can’t make beautiful stuff, again subjective, and I’d buy the Mac Air tomorrow if it could run a business … Continue reading

Going Smaller (Acer Aspire One)


I have previously mentioned that I cannot phantom possible use for the rise in the Mini-PC laptop world. You know, the kind where you have to hunch over like a squirrel about to devour a nut and contort your fingers … Continue reading

To her majesty and her prisoners,

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We’ve got your green right here. As some of you have figured out already, OWN has committed to scaling out our other product lines to EU and Australia. This commitment came out of the loyalty we have received from our … Continue reading

Zune2 better than iPod?

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Looks like it, at least according to Gizmodo’s tally of people that got the chance to play with it ahead of release. I must admit, I want one and I’m sure the video on this device is awesome (having seen … Continue reading

Review of $89 Web Power Switch


The following is my personal review of the Digital Loggers, Inc Web Power Switch. Own Web Now Corp is a Digital Loggers, Inc customer that has paid for all the units in use, we/I have not been compensated or enticed … Continue reading