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We’re now a 2 Blackjack house

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Nearly a month after I got the Samsung Blackjack for development purposes (and a day to a month that Katie took it from me) I’ve placed an order for another one. As much as it pains me to dump the … Continue reading

How long have I been asleep?

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Since roughly Monday I have been on a pretty steady load of Nyquil and an assortment of other medications I generally do not take. I don’t remember the last 24 hours at all. I remember very little of the last … Continue reading

Help – Got cell phone painting tips?


Got a new cell phone for development, as usual, part metalic part plastic. I have a few issues I was hoping someone out there might have a few tips to share with me: There are a few scratches on it … Continue reading

OEM Tricks: Help, I’ve run out of 3.5″ slots in my case!

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Believe it or not, this question comes up more often than anything else in the ITPRO circles – “I need to add more hard drives to my PC but I don’t have any more 3.5” slots. This happens to be … Continue reading

Windows Mobile 6 Coolest Feature


Ok, so I was dead wrong about the coolest feature in Windows Mobile 6. Don’t get me wrong, storage card encryption is cool, but coolest it is not. Over dinner I got a chance to play with the Mobile Terminal … Continue reading

Upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 Today

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Just finished upgrading my T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard) to Windows Mobile 6 (PDA Viet 4 rom) a few minutes ago. I’ve used the device less than ten minutes and I already absolutely love the new OS. I’ll do a video … Continue reading

Uncommon Ingenuity

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There are days when I feel we’re shooting for a Darwin Award over at Own Web Now. We’re in these state-of-the-art data centers where everything from illumination, to filtration, to temperature, to bandwidth and right down to power per square … Continue reading

Overheating for Dummies


Untitled document You can consider this a public service announcement or at the very least an attempt to introduce you to the wonderful world of thermal compounds. I am writing this because I had a talk with my wife earlier … Continue reading

iPod Dominance is Over: Enter Sansa

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Untitled document I often get blamed for iPod purchases by people who listen to my podcast. After a while you just can’t remember to pack stuff into your PocketPC and as the more interesting stuff comes online in the audio form … Continue reading

MSFP for Cingular 8125 Available

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Now as much as I hate the fact that you give money to Bell South, I feel a lot of you out there could benefit from this one: Cingular has made MSFP available for 8125 device, HTC Wizard. Get your … Continue reading