Beauty is subjective

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Unless it’s really, really fugly. I maintain that the new MacBook Pro and it’s light edition are fugly. Not that Apple can’t make beautiful stuff, again subjective, and I’d buy the Mac Air tomorrow if it could run a business OS at the core without being virtualized through MacOS. I don’t mean to hate but the OS is cute enough for a phone, not so much for anyone that extensively (ab)uses spreadsheets and 20-30+ browser windows at once.

Now this obviously didn’t sit too well with many of my Mac readers (I am shocked I have any to be honest) who dared me to say what I use as my laptop.

Dell XPS M1530

xpsnb_m1530_design3_pink xpsnb_m1530_design6

It cost me about $1200 for the midrange Core 2 Duo, 4 GB DDR, upgraded Nvidia video, highest resolution screen available, big battery (and extra standard battery when I’m not flying) and a few other accessories (TPM, fingerprint reader, webcam).

Is it perfect? Far from it. The aluminum-ish casing is basically a dirt magnet, the speakers at the top of the keyboard are a hair/dandrif/dog hair magnet and the screen are frustrating at times.

But the unit is light, it flies, it lets me do virtually anything I do on my desktop and most things actually flow a bit faster.

I’m not claiming it’s the most beautiful thing on the market (again, think that belongs to Air) but for the mix of beauty, functionality and size/weight along with a solid OS it’s pretty much the best. For what it’s worth, the unit has never blue screened.

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