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Introducing Vlad 3.0

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Currently in development, expected release date: November 19, 2010.

Autotask Live: Extending & blending the platform

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If there is anything I’ve learned in my 13 years in this industry, it’s that when you do nice things for people they tend to repay you more than you ever expected. We’ve been fortunate enough to be on the … Continue reading

What’s left of the cloud after it’s done raining?

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A close personal and professional friend of mine and OWN’s apparently made a terrible business partnership decision. Naturally, I promptly offered a swift kick in the balls because your friends should always be there to kick you when you’re down … Continue reading

Great week for Autotask!

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It’s a good week to be an Autotask User! Tomorrow at noon eastern the ExchangeDefender team officially kicks off the Autotask integration showcase, starting with the Autotask webcast event.. Click here to register Thursday, October 1, 2009: 12:00 pm Autotask … Continue reading

Amy’s Support Network Grows Larger

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Amy’s kingdom at Third Tier keeps on growing: Yesterday Third Tier announced a formal relationship with Calyptix for support services. Calyptix has found that in working with partners that often times the project involves areas outside of the expertise of … Continue reading

Vlad does Tech Support


Today is “Beat Vlad” day at Own Web Now, where everyone brings me their problems and I solve them. I haven’t really booked anything else so I’m at my desk just answering questions. I made a mistake of opening the … Continue reading

Umm, where did I put my flame thrower…

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My buddy Schrag is noticing that the latest bit of self-inflicting gunshots to the head that Microsoft calls it’s marketing program is not terribly inflammatory towards him. So he says here: “What’s that, Microsoft? You’re saying I can be … Continue reading

Customer Disservice Fantasies

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Here is something to brighten up your weekend. Last week I chatting to my buddy Erick in passing on IM (apparently both of us need clones and secretaries but if there is a problem with a hotel reservation or ExchangeDefender … Continue reading

Erick Kills Another Forest

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Just as everyone prepares to go green my buddy Erick Simpson takes out another huge chunk  of Brazil with the latest masterpiece – the best IT Service Delivery Book Ever. You can preorder it now and save $50 on it.  … Continue reading

Yes, I’m on FriendFeed

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Succumbing to peer pressure, I have setup a FriendFeed account. For the voyers among you, here you go: Personally, if you want to chat I’d rather you either email me ( or MSN IM me ( but if you’re … Continue reading