Umm, where did I put my flame thrower…

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My buddy Schrag is noticing that the latest bit of self-inflicting gunshots to the head that Microsoft calls it’s marketing program is not terribly inflammatory towards him. So he says here:

“What’s that, Microsoft? You’re saying I can be replaced by college students!?!?!?!”

Personally, I think you could be replaced by a monkey, jar of peanut butter and some software but let’s not get into name calling.

Microsoft flourished in an environment where it had a ton of friends and at times only one or two enemies. Apple. IBM. Corel. Netscape. In the new world, which Microsoft has scorched by entering every market imaginable, the old rules don’t apply.

When will Microsoft realize that it is not Google, that it cannot behave with google because at the end of the day Microsoft software is too damn expensive, cumbersome and complex – and it requires a technology expertise to use because Microsoft made it as such!

And then they wonder why they are failing….

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