PHB vs. CPaaS


The other day I was bitching to someone about how I am seeing more and more Dilbert comics that resemble my life – except I’m now the Pointy Haired Boss, or at least I think like one:


True story, this morning one of the guys tells me that something can’t be done in PHP and he wrote it in Visual Studio instead. Once I explained to him how inclined I am to ever give Microsoft even a penny of our money, or develop software that would require us to pay Microsoft licensing revenue…. I got greeted by this Dilbert comic. fml.

Now, this cheered up my day. It’s nice to see when even our partners recognize that customers demands can at times be batsh** insane. They proposed the following solution when ExchangeDefender functionality became to burdensome:


I wonder that MSRP would be on CPaaS?

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