EuroTrip 2010

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I’m on my way to Europe.

I have a few business appointments to take care of while out there and would love to meet some of our partners and for the lack of a better word, buy some beer. Here are my plans:

October 18 and 19 – Downtown London, mostly open. After brief business meetings in the morning I’m for the most part hanging around town with Mr. Tubb and Mr. Bonathan.

October 20 and 21 – CompTIA EMEA @ Heathrow. Outside of the speaking sessions and vendor slime hours, I’m more than glad to sit down and talk business and tech.

October 22, 23 and 24th – Paris. French people are apparently on strike so I’m completely uncertain about my plans there but they include downtown, Disney, etc.

If you happen to be a fan of the blog or make contributions to VFF, drop me an email at About the only thing I’m not willing to do is sales calls Smile