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Windows Mobile 5 & Vista RC1


If you have Windows Mobile 5 and Vista RC1 you might find that the Windows Mobile Device Center is missing from Vista RC1. As a matter of fact, you won’t even be able to get your device to be recognized … Continue reading

Outlook 2007 messing up your Outlook 2003 Inbox look?


I have Outlook 2007 on my laptop and Outlook 2003 on my main workstation – and the latest Technical Refresh seems to be causing a slight bug that made my Outlook 2003 view ugly. If Outlook 2007 fires up first … Continue reading

Vista Beta 5456 Hits Connect

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Beta software, suicidal only, yada yada yada. Latest version of Vista beta (build 5456) is up on Connect. If you have no life and are reading my blog on Saturday ~9 PM EST you’ll be happy to know that. Also, … Continue reading

Messenger Plus! This Weekend


Untitled document I’m a big fan of Microsoft Messenger – sure, it has some bits and pieces missing (like ability to sign in from multiple computers) but its the only thing that has made me leave Trilian and dump all … Continue reading

Small Business Specialist vs. Google Spreadsheets

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It’s been a while since I talked about G vs. M, but little has changed since then. Google is still whipping that llama. If you’re a Microsoft Small Business Specialist I hope you remember the IT Basic questions from the … Continue reading

First Tech Support Question To Ask


Are you experiencing this problem on a beta or pre-release program? One of the particularly unpleasant parts of my job as an ISP/ASP is the fact that since about 1996 every problem my clients experience is my fault, until I … Continue reading

Office 2007 Beta 2 Available (Weasel Edition)

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Untitled document Without going through as well. Follow this link to either download a copy or have them mail you a few disks. Now, watch out because they are really being weasels about this: In software development, a "beta … Continue reading

Google Desktop 4: Gadgets Galore

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Untitled document Google Desktop 4 is out and in one hit takes out 50% of the eyecandy that Microsoft is promising with Vista when/ever it comes out. Gadgets (similar to side dock, Yahoo Gadgets, Widgets, Mac OS X stuff) are … Continue reading

Day 1: SBS R2: What is it?

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Untitled document MY DISCLAIMER: I, Vladimir Mazek, have not been given any private or confidential information regarding SBS R2. All of the information below is public information shared by Microsoft Corp with the public. The rest are my assumptions. Microsoft … Continue reading

SBS 2003 R2 Blog Week

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Untitled document So here I sit getting ready for my tour and I realized one thing – I have not been on the road in 2006. I have not given this great State of Florida a chance to beat me … Continue reading