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Dealing With Bad Days

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I have three kinds of days: Good day, bad day and #$!%. I have blogged previously about #$!%, the reverse midas touch, days when everything I touch turns to shit and the best and most reasonable course of action is … Continue reading

Limit Stupidity in Business Decision Making

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Earlier today I posted this on my Facebook wall (follow me, I’m hilarious): Allow me to offer you some background. We were sitting around discussing changes and additions to a new software product. We’re primarily a server and web services … Continue reading

Vlad: Managing Failure

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Note: This is the third in the series of blog posts about stuff that has served me well in the world of business. The success of Own Web Now, ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey has been well chronicled, these posts are … Continue reading



One of the more memorable lines from the Steve Jobs biography is “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.” I don’t think this is as apparent to those of you that don’t … Continue reading

You can’t try to get organized

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My phone has been on fire since the last blog post. I wanted to address the biggest question we get about Shockey Monkey (and really all of our solutions) and what that question means to me based on the track … Continue reading

Lowest Common Denominator

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I had an interesting week at work last week. More about that later. Right now I wanted to offer a little bit of realistic take on some of the criticism in general. Some stuff is only popular because it caters … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey: Ultimately, who pays the bill?

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Over the past week I’ve outlined what I believe to be the future of technology management in small to medium businesses. I’ve discussed how we got here, what we need to focus on managing, how we need to involve the … Continue reading

Reloaded: Shockey Monkey Derrivatives: Who does the IT work?

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In the last few posts I have been laying out the multi-year strategy for Shockey Monkey and the changes IT Solution Providers need to come to terms with and adapt in order to survive and thrive. The core underlying concept … Continue reading

unPSA – Whose business is being managed?

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Thank you for joining me in the third post in the series pondering the future of IT and how it will be utilized, at least in small business. If there is one trend line in the technical evolution over the … Continue reading

Optimizing Communications

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One of the biggest challenges in running a software/service company is communications. We have technical users who need to implement our software to fit different business requirements and we also have business users just reselling cloud solutions. As these companies … Continue reading