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Sometimes reading inbox spam pays off. Today I got the following interesting offer in my inbox from RSA Security, Inc:

Download the Data Protection Strategy Kit and learn how protecting data across the entire enterprise – applications, databases, storage, etc. – can solve business-critical security issues.

How to Meet Your Customers' Security Requirements
Information Kit at a Glance

  • Regulatory mandates
    Comply with PCI, FFIEC, ISO 17799, CobiT, etc.
  • Corporate policies
    Avoid, among other things, public reporting requirements of U.S. State Breach Notification laws
  • Customer requirements
    Ensure that customers are confident in your ability to protect their sensitive information

Data Protection Strategy Kit
At a Glance

  • Forrester Trends Report
    Secure the Data, Not Just the Underlying Infrastructure
  • Current U.S. Regulatory Climate Report
    Review of Key Regulations and What They Mean to You
  • Protecting Payment Card Information
    Solutions for meeting Payment Card Industry and U.S. State Breach Notification Law Requirements
  • Technology Backgrounder
    Managing the Life Cycle of Encryption

Download Data Protection Privacy Kit today.

Whats so great about that? Well, one of the ways major corporations (RSA is a biggie) sometimes attract interest in their products by giving away tons of research. More often than not, all these reports and data are written to leave you with a feeling that YOU MUST BUY OUR PRODUCT OR DIE but if you’re smart you can get a lot of very insightful and very expensive information that you otherwise would never get to see.

Advice? Sign up for a account and take a look at these reports, at least an executive summary. The more you know, right?