Lucy’s Sail: Day 6: Password is "Password1234!"

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Son, you have to earn the pimp hat. I am not sure how young you have to be to start moving software but Tim is getting an early start: effective immediately Own Web Now in partnership with Scorpion Software is bringing you safer small business computing.

One person at a time.

At $20 a month.

Complex? See below.


Game changer? You bet. Where do you sign up? Here.

Passwords are the most frustrating thing for system administrators and MSPs to manage. Make them too easy and you get hacked. Make them too difficult and the staff complains, forgets their password and opens trouble tickets which eats into overall profitability and security of the organization. We can fix that!

With Scorpion Software AuthAnvil and one time password authentication you are issued a token, a keychain, with a constantly rotating short password. When you try to login into your organization you are prompted for your password but you are now also prompted for another password which you copy from the security key. This allows clients to have simple passwords and passphrases and never worry about being hacked with a password that was compromised, guessed, keylogged on a kiosk or sniffed over the air. For $20/month per employee you have one less thing to worry about!

We are partnering with Scorpion Software to make this affordable.

We are doing it one person at a time. Yes, just one. Got a small client where only one or two people travel and need additional security for SBS Remote Web Workplace? You can get it one at a time!

We are integrating this into Shockey Monkey and ExchangeDefender.  We are working with Scorpion Software on integrating this into Exchange 2007 and will have discounts for the companies that subscribe to the above services.

Most importantly, we are making this EASY. We will configure the service for you. We will install and deploy the configuration. You can use it on any server or as many servers as you want to. Going forward, you will have ability to use the same technology with other popular services including some you will see on this very blog 🙂

I told you we’re changing the game. OWN is here for you, what are you waiting for?

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