Patch Tuesday: Cousin Joel Returns

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(Note: All Windows Server post-SP2 issues will be refered to as Cousin Joel edition)

Microsoft released an out-of-band patch yesterday to cover the recent .ani/.cur exploits. These are causing confirmed issues with Windows Server 2003 SP2, SBS 2003 SP2, Windows XP, etc.

Here is something from Susan.

In short, you might need another reboot this month. Some have reported that restarting the system manually (Start, Shutdown) does not produce the same result as Reboot Now prompt after the patch installation. I have no scientific data to back that one up but if it works for you any differently please let me know.

Followup comment:

Susan Bradley says:
Susan Bradley says:
  change that to start, shutdown and ensure you select reboot
Susan Bradley says:
  otherwise on a remote machine you just turned it off 

Ok, if you’re reading this post and needed to see that disclaimer.. please.. do not come back to Vladville. It’s only a matter of time till you find something sharp laying around here and you hurt yourself. That big loud box in the “computer room” is a wine cooler, do not touch it, CEO has 1882 Merlot in it, if you break it you’ll be fired.

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  1. richwalkup says:

    In case I have never taken the time to publicly thank you for patching my servers for me, let me do so now. I mean, I know that I pay for the service, but it really is a whole lot cheaper for me to let you automatically break the thing than for me to do it – and it seems like it’s getting a whole lot easier too. Thanks Microsoft and thank you Vlad.

    I need to shower now, the scarcasm oozing from my pores has this horrid stench that smells like burning money.

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