Windows Home Server PP1 steps out of the closet

Windows Home Server
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Windows Homo Server Pride Pack 1 has stepped out of the closet. Or Windows Hell Server Porn Protection is out. All relative to how low your morals are I suppose. There will not come a day on which you will convince me that there isn’t some dirty mind inside the bowels of Microsoft coming up with the most inappropriate acronyms to push this running joke of “So what do we call it?” that is WHS naming.

What’s in the pride pack? 64bit Vista backups. Enhanced remote access.

Either way, enough to make me dust off the unplugged WHS and check out what’s new.

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  1. William Ward says:

    It must be a dirty Monday. I saw the headline earlier and the acronym they used was WHS PP which sounded out is “whose peepee”

    You might be on to something. I have never heard “Power Pack” used in conjunction with any Microsoft software. XP had a Plus Pack I think.

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