Autotask Conference: Little bit old, little bit new

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I know, I know, everyone wants more details about this. And as happy as I am that everyone loves Vladville I have that job and food thing that keeps on getting in my way every day – so I heard ya (more than a few hundred times over on the discipline posts) and the posts are on their way..

Now I do have something more exciting to discuss… the new version of ExchangeDefender.

And if you happen to be in Phoenix next week for Autotask conference.. I’ll trade you some beer for some advice on what you’d like to see.

Just drop me an email at and let’s set some time to sit down.

The upcoming release of ExchangeDefender is quite a bit different from what we’ve done in the past with new releases – adding new feature or two, facelift or different pricing model.

For example, the last update of ExchangeDefender came with a brand new UI and tons of apps that unify how businesses run – with regards to encryption, compliance, etc. We also created a low cost $0.50 version of ExchangeDefender that just does filtering, few days of business continuity archiving – we even made it dead easy to sign up because we feel most of our “competition” is designed for consumers and our partners go after businesses with complex compliance, security and management needs.

The Next Generation

The next generation of ExchangeDefender goes to the core of how businesses operate and what they find to be important. The reason Google killed Postini and the reason you see a widespread downturn in technology spending is because IT demands are no longer centered around fixing any particular problem – instead they are focused on accommodating the changing workplace in which IT department has little control but is simultaneously asked to both secure the whole enterprise and also enable work from any device in any location.

Technology has to keep up pace with it.

So the new version of ExchangeDefender looks a lot more like SBS 2003 than a cloud security product. It looks a lot more like apps and mobile apps and reports tied to those systems – regardless of where they are – and work together seamlessly to enable not just the company but the clients and vendors to collaborate together.

Simply put, we’re integrating a lot of what we’ve built at Shockey Monkey into what we have at ExchangeDefender.

Think email as just another layer in the communication that now includes Twitter and Facebook as well – but done on a mobile device as well as it’s done on a laptop. Think about access controls and reporting on everything that gets touched, when it gets touched with easy transfer of roles and responsibilities.

We got it. We just need help polishing it up Winking smile Let’s talk.